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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Prepare students for a challenging and rewarding career in the Criminal Justice System.


  • An Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System.
  • An Introduction to the Department of Corrections.
  • An Introduction to American Policing and Practices.
  • An Introduction to Social Problems that Plague America.
  • National 911 Dispatcher Certification


This course will have several field trips and “hands on” activities to accompany the material covered.
Below are some possible trips we will take:

  • Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola
  • Earl K Long Hospital
  • National EMS Training Facility
  • Sheriff Practice Firing Range


  • This class covers adult content and requires maturity. This course is not for the immature.
  • Requirements for this course are rigorous, meeting college standards.
  • Topics, including very detailed discussions about prison life and the social roles accepted by prisoners, are discussed.
  • Parental permission signatures acknowledging the content and nature of the course will be required.


How many high school credits can I receive by taking this class?

You can earn 3 high school credits per year.

How many college credits can I earn by taking this class?

You could receive up to 18 hours of college credit.

What Certification exams are offered?

Students will be prepared and have the opportunity to take the 911 Dispatcher Certification.

What job opportunities are available once completing this course?

Students who complete this course may go directly to work (after 18th birthday) in Law Enforcement or Public Safety positions such as: Directly to work, or

  • Emergency Dispatcher
  • Police Officer
  • Corrections Officer

What possible career choices are available in this field?

Students who complete this course may purse a career in the following fields:

  • Police Officer
  • Correctional Officer
  • Attorney
  • Parole Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Private Security
  • Dispatcher

Where could I attend to finish this program?

Students who complete this course may continue their education in the Louisiana Technical College System or a Community College offering Criminal Justice or a similar program. Alternatively, this course is a great introduction to any Criminal Justice or Public Safety field at a 4 year college.


Kelly Jennings

Kelly Jennings


Mrs. Jennings is a graduate of LSU with a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice: Security […]

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