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Computer Service Technician

Communicate effectively and confidently in the worlds business language

Computer Service Technician – Oncourse Page

Enable each student to demonstrate proficient use of computers and service technology


  • Prepare students for the ever growing job industry that relies on the knowledge and use of computers and technology
  • Prepare students for the industry standard A+ Certification exam, which will open doors for job opportunities in a variety of fields
  • Prepare students for the Adobe Certified Associate Certification using Adobe Creative Suite – Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop



Students learn through hands on experience how to build, repair, troubleshoot, and diagnose computers using state of the art equipment and working in the field.


Students will learn a broad range of computing concepts and techniques, which will provide the skills to work on computer hardware and software. This includes operating systems, basic programming, networking, and the internet.


Students will learn how to design and construct their own website using HTML coding and software programs for web design, graphic design, and video editing and design.

Students will use a hands-on approach to microcomputer applications software including spreadsheets, word processing, database, and presentation programs. This will prepare students for the IC3 Certification exam.


How many high school credits can I receive by taking this class?

You can earn 3 high school credits per year. The second year consists of an internship program through the Livingston Parish School Board.

How many college credits can I earn by taking this class?

You could receive up to 12 hours of college credit per year.

Can I take this course for only one year?

Yes, the second year course is an internship only. The first year is a prerequisite for the second.

What Certification exams are offered?

Students will be prepared and have the opportunity to take the A+ Certification as well as the Adobe Certified Associate Certification exams in Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Premiere. Students will also have the opportunity to take the Network + and Security + certification exams, but they must prepare for them outside of class.

What job opportunities are available once completing this course?

Students who complete one or two years of the course may go directly to work in entry level positions as a:

  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Programmer/Engineer
  • Game Programmer
  • Operating Systems Designer/Engineer
  • Applications engineer
  • Web Designer

Where could I attend to finish this program?

Students who complete one or two years of the course may continue their education in the Louisiana Technical College System or a Community College offering Computer Service Technology or a similar program. Alternatively, this course is a great introduction to any Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Graphic Design field at a 4 year college.

Course Fee : $35.00

Speak to your school counselor to sign up.


Nicholas O’Dell

Nicholas O’Dell


Mr. O’Dell is certified in CompTIA A+ computer repair and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer […]

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